Friday, November 4, 2011

Hello from the balcony

I write this as I await breakfast on day 30. As I came to sit on this favourite 2nd floor balcony of Giridadan where the morning sun holds the Reliance building in its halo....Lanka follows me here and puts down an ashtray. I dont know if its force of habit for him or if this is a smokers-only balcony ....but he must've been sleepy as he loaded Leen's bags into the car before dawn. The smoker has left the stadium....
Erman headed out with a Morarka bag slung over his shoulder...I can almost hear the transcontinental sigh of relief between him and his new bride as readies to board the plane homeward. 5am and Jen was smiling as only Jen can ....the pregnant and masterfully packed-tight backpack ready for an ascent of mount kerala! He husband is in Mumbai and even as his car broke down from the airport to the hotel.
In the other car Julian was already checking off the calls he has to make before he lands in Melbourne...this guy is a pro. Fay came down with her cool and why-is-everyone-rushing expression ...I wonder if the coolness is cultivated or a result of living the consultant's life.
Last down was Sandra to meet the staff that is now our family and the Captain and his wife who have been our gracious hosts for this last month..

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