Wednesday, November 2, 2011

... almost the final curtain

Jaipur will be home for only three more sleeps as we get to the tail end of this assignment. Two teams have all but finished their work - final presentations done, results well received and just the inevitable wrap up questions to follow. One team has travelled to Delhi today to provide their final inputs.

Our final presentation is tomorrow - we have been lucky to work with the founders and drivers of Vatsalya on a daily basis, so we are really just putting finishing touches to our work before a final handover and goodbye tomorrow. It's been a good journey, an interesting and challenging one, and driven by the passion of two individuals who are trying to do something remarkable for India's urban poor. I trust that some of this passion has flowed on to Sandra and myself, and in turn I hope that we have managed to provide some insight that will benefit Vatsalya in the long run.

Tomorrow night is reserved for our 'end of term party' - an early flight on Saturday morning for most of us will mean no opportunity for a late one on Friday night. This has been a rare experience - working with a talented, multi-faceted, cohesive and dare I say, funny, team. Together we have shared the assault on the senses that India has brought on - fireworks, food, festivals... and especially with our partners we have made friends.

Has it really been four weeks since we arrived ?

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