Saturday, October 29, 2011


The all to familiar concept of a looming deadline beckons as we enter our final week of this CSC assignment in Jaipur.

We've gained a high degree of familiarity with Jaipur and the local area around our homestay. No longer are we threatened by the apparent recklessness of the local drivers weaving in and out of the roundabouts and driving down roads against the flow of traffic. There may be a sense of disorder - but it works, and we appreciate the ease of jumping into a motorised tuk-tuk to get to our places of work, or to get into the city.

We've become regulars at a number of places - the local Indian/Italian restaurant greets us as friends of long standing as we mix our cuisines and cultures with a starter of bruschetta followed by paneer cooked in every way imaginable served with lots of naan.

The local fast food joint/sweet shop offers variety from dosas through to pizza... but this is not the main game here. The sweet shop on the ground floor is where the action is... and 'sweet' is definitely the name of the game here. Whatever concept we may have had of a sweet tooth, it has been redefined and taken to a new level here with cheesecakes, sweet dough balls bathing in cloyingly sweet syrup, and our new acquired favourite, Barfi made from condensed milk and sugar which has been cooked until it solidifies and can be cut into small (and deeply addictive) squares. To eat just a single piece of Barfi is impossible.

With our individual projects - we are all well progressed, as we should be, and we are all busy finalising material and getting ready for the final delivery to our partners. As will all projects, some change is inevitable towards the end as ideas get firmed up and finalised.
For a month Jaipur has become our home, the team our extended family, and our partners good friends who we have worked with but who have also welcomed us and shown amazing hospitality.

And... finally, we appear to have come up with a name for CSC India 13... in homage to our favourite sweet - we are the Jaipur Barfi Cowboys !


  1. Jen its BUUUUUUUURFI not bArfi...doesnt rhyme with barf-ing!!!

  2. yes!!!!! love those sweets. great team name.