Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 1 - a day to overwhelm the sense

With a combined sleep of maybe 10 hours in 2 days between the 7 of us, Sandra, Leen, Myriam, Erman, Jordi and Catalin arrived in Jaipur early in the morning. Through the tasty breakfast Captain has prepared for us, we were determined to resemble human beings, although some with more success than others. Determined to beat jet lag by staying up until sunset, we decided to take a walk around the Pink City’s old city center. We hopped into 2 tuk tuks, which proceeded to race through the chaotic city streets. The cows wondered the streets leisurely, horns of all kind blared liberally, and the lanes on the roads were used as a suggestion only, at the best of the times. The ride in itself was an adventure. The ride took us through some of the old city, and we immediately realised that the name Pink City came at no exaggeration. The old buildings were pink, and they were majestic. Through the details, which has seen its fair share of weather and time, the grandeur it once were shined through. It was easy to see the building it as it once was, fit for a king.

The tuk tuks dropped us off in the middle of a market. Instantly, all our senses were overloaded. The sights of the pink building and the stalls, the smell of the spices, the noise of the street full of merchants, shoppers, traffic, tourists and cows came together with a touch of heat and humidity in the air. This was the market to end all markets. We saw stalls selling flowers, spices, tables, chairs, arts & crafts, underwear, religious paintings, leaf plates, saws and nuts and bolts just to name a few. There were an abundance of everything, although we wondered how many actually made sales.

We wondered the streets and just absorbed everything around us. Soaking in the environment and readjusting our sense. This will be home for the next 4 weeks, and I for one cannot wait to explore this multifaceted city in much more detail.

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