Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thousand Colors, Thousand Scents

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We started the day with our first yoga session with Sashi on a bright Jaipur morning. Enjoyable as it was relaxing even though we really must have looked miserable to our instructor. For the next month everyday at 6:15am this will be our pre-breakfast morning routine.

We were then picked up by our friends from Morarka Foundation and taken to headquarters. What a day it proved to be, here are some experiences we had to name a few: - Admired and shared the passion to develop India, promote healthy food, preserve the world and increase farmers' welfare - Discussed and entertained ideas about creative business models, value chains, distribution and marketing channels, IT infrastructures for a dynamic and growing organization - Visited organic food, and spices production sites smelling of wonderful masalas - Learned how organic pesticides are made firsthand - Observed the vermi-composting process and about earthworms that makes the germination much more efficient in natural ways - Amazed by hydroponics to grow plants soil-less, and tray-cultivation experiments - Positively surprised by the delicious taste of organic garlic and onion cookies - Felt real comfort by trying on some organic cotton & bambu fiber t-shirts that are not only soft but also are anti-microbacterial, deodorizing and UV filtered - Enjoyed historical excerpts of Moghuls and Marwaris, silk road and spice roads - Feasted on wonderful organic dishes and sipped chai Even though I am really missing my wife having come to my assignment right after my honeymoon, the upbeat and diverse team, intellectual exchanges & business challenges, and the dynamic & colourful city of Jaipur will help me in getting acclimated it seems.
At the production facility

Tray Cultivation



Organic Pesticide

Organic onion and garlic cookies
Erman Akdogan

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