Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting into it...

We are now about half way into the assignment and we as a team we have become accustomed to the Jaipur way of life. A motorised rickshaw ride is a daily occurance for pretty much all of us now and we accept the use of the horn on a constant basis.

Again as a team we bring and share our personalities as we discuss our individual partners over a meal at night. Fay demonstrates her passion for fruit - especially custard apples, Myriam has brought chocolate goodies from Argentina and is seen sipping 'Mate' at night, and the conversation drops into Spanish regularly as our 'alternative' language - although we list at least a dozen different languages between the 10 of us.

But all of this is useful, as we share our experiences and share our knowledge between the teams helping each other out where we can with specific knowledge across the assignments.

Our specific project is going well - a mix of providing, developing and sharing ideas, some specific tactical help (a quick lesson in how to use Pivot tables in Excel!), and some number crunching to 'see what this would look like' to provide a sanity check against the aspirations.

Meanwhile, Jaipur is preparing for one of the major festivals - Diwali - next week. The lights are going up, the sound of fireworks periodically breaks through the traffic noise whilst the shops and stores are preparing for a bumper season.

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