Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Homecoming...

Delhi: 10/6/11 In the airport I pay 325 rupees which allows me to get into Mr. Lalit's yellow and black government subsidized cab (as opposed to the air-conditioned fleet of privately run cabs). But in keeping with the 'trying to help the underdog' theme of this trip it's fair. We rattle and hum the streets as I get his living pulse: he is from bihar, has come to the big city to earn money, money is not good, life is hard, the new civil disobedience movement is the only hope.....murmur murmur...I'm tuned out...distracted. It is hot and I unwind the window letting in the warm night air, fresh, smelly, humid, familiar, putrid, sentimental-memories-invoking, urine wafting, cow dung blasting, stray dogs running, exhausts fuming, auto-rickshaw sounding and tire screeching. Opening all my senses I inhale deeply. I am home. More than a feeling, I know I'm some stem-cellular level, an undifferentiated knowledge of certainty. No worries. It's my people, my animals, my fumes, my crap and my land. Only now it's the golden goose with ITs promise of golden eggs and massive emerging markets of havenots. The world has come to barter and bribe for the golden eggs. I want to stay and watch this show...

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  1. WOW.....I am hooked. I can't wait for your next vivid and colorful update. It instantly took me back to Hyderabad. Stay healthy and safe.